Project Description


To contribute in the improvement of livelihood status of 2000 women farmers in the selected target area by:

  • Building their capacity in harvesting, processing, drying, and marketing of apricots through the arrangement of 322 training events.
  • Setting up of a Solar De-hydration Unit and installation of Nut Cracker Machine in each of the 6 selected UC’s.
  • Building of a central processing Solar De-hydration plants duly certified in line with international standard.
  • Establishment of market linkages of women farmers with 3 buyers and 1 exporter of dried apricots.
  • Holding of 2 exhibitions for attracting buyers and exporters from all across the country.


BCDF arranged Project Launching Ceremony and attended by the representatives from the civil society, corporate, media and local government bodies. BCDF Selected of 2000 women; 1/household (i.e., 33% of 6000 households of targeted villages) in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Must have a minimum of 40 apricot trees
  • Must have an average production of 60/kg/tree
  • Must have a women in the household who is able and willing to participate in this venture
  • members of the household, in particular the males, are ready to attend their utmost cooperation and support to the concerned women in this initiative, both during the life of the project as well as beyond.


BCDF developed a software for maintaining complete record of all selected women farmers in order to conduct a baseline and end line/impact assessment study against the following:

  • Improving the livelihood status of target beneficiaries
  • Reducing the %age of wastage of apricots in the targeted area.


Timeline/ Milestone setup to six steps as per set by the funding partner.


Project Gallery.

Fruit Productions (Trees)

Fruits in Baltistan, source: Gilgit-Baltistan Agriculture Statistics 2008, Survey Report, GoP.